Being a Firefighter

Greig McRae, Iain Borthwick, David Olds and Nigel Birkby came along to school to tell us all about their work as part of the firefighting service.  They answered our many questions about what is involved in their work and demonstrated how they use their important equipment.  At the end, everyone loved seeing round the fire engine.  A big thanks to all of you.  You really helped our understanding of the work that you do.


Burns’ Day 2017

Emily carried the haggis and Charlie piped it in as we all gathered in the canteen to celebrate the birthday of our national bard. Charlie then addressed the haggis and we all said the Selkirk Grace together befor tucking in to a delicious lunch of haggi, neeps and tatties.  The primary 7 boys delivered a very amusing ‘toast to the lassies’ and the Primary 7 girls responded with an equally entertaining relpy on behalf of the lassies.  Later on Primary 1 made us all smile with their funny wee scots poem and  Megan and Hope played a scottish tune on their fiddles. Charlie got his pipes out again and played Highland Cathedral then we danced a whole school Canadian Barn Dance and finished our wonderful afternoon with Auld Lang Syne.  Yhank you to everyone for making it a day to remember.2017-01-25-12-19-222017-01-25-12-20-522017-01-25-14-33-162017-01-25-15-02-372017-01-25-14-55-11

The Work of a Paramedic

Terry Head came along to school to explain what is involved in his job as a paramedic.  He shared lots of really interesting information, demonstrated how he uses some of the equipment and let everyone see round the ambulance.  Thank you very much, Terry. We really enjoyed your visit.2017-01-19-13-18-40